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  Selected publications in 2016-2022

Forejt J, Jansa P, Parvanov E:
Hybrid sterility genes in mice (Mus musculus): a peculiar case of PRDM9 incompatibility.
Trends Genet 2021 37(12): 1095-1108. (Review)   Abstract   Full Text
Mukaj A, Piálek J, Fotopulosova V, Morgan AP, Odenthal-Hesse L, Parvanov ED, Forejt J:
Prdm9 inter-subspecific interactions in hybrid male sterility of house mouse.
Mol Biol Evol. 2020 Jul 8:msaa167. (Online ahead of print)   Abstract   Full Text
Lustyk D, Kinský S, Ullrich KK, Yancoskie M, Kašíková L, Gergelits V, Sedlacek R, Chan YF, Odenthal-Hesse L, Forejt J, Jansa P:
Genomic Structure of Hstx2 Modifier of Prdm9-Dependent Hybrid Male Sterility in Mice.
Genetics. 2019 Nov;213(3):1047-1063.   Abstract   Full Text
Papanikos F, Clément JAJ, Testa E, Ravindranathan R, Grey C, Dereli I, Bondarieva A, Valerio-Cabrera S, Stanzione M, Schleiffer A, Jansa P, Lustyk D, Fei JF, Adams IR, Forejt J, Barchi M, de Massy B, Toth A:
Mouse ANKRD31 Regulates Spatiotemporal Patterning of Meiotic Recombination Initiation and Ensures Recombination between X and Y Sex Chromosomes.
Mol Cell. 2019 Jun 6;74(5):1069-1085.e11.   Abstract   Full Text
Wang L, Valiskova B, Forejt J:
Cisplatin-induced DNA double-strand breaks promote meiotic chromosome synapsis in PRDM9-controlled mouse hybrid sterility.
Elife. 2018 Dec 28;7:e42511.   Abstract   Full Text
Gregorova S, Gergelits V, Chvatalova I, Bhattacharyya T, Valiskova B, Fotopulosova V, Jansa P, Wiatrowska D, Forejt J:
Modulation of Prdm9-controlled meiotic chromosome asynapsis overrides hybrid sterility in mice.
Elife. 2018 Mar 14;7:e34282.   Abstract   Full Text
Balcova M, Faltusova B, Gergelits V, Bhattacharyya T, Mihola O, Trachtulec Z, Knopf C, Fotopulosova V, Chvatalova I, Gregorova S, Forejt J:
Hybrid Sterility Locus on Chromosome X Controls Meiotic Recombination Rate in Mouse.
PLoS Genet 12(4), e1005906, 2016.   Abstract   Full Text
Forejt J:
Genetics: Asymmetric breaks in DNA cause sterility.
Nature 530, 167-168, 2016.   Abstract   Full Text

  Publications in 1996-2015

Jansa P, Homolka D, Blatny R, Mistrik M, Bartek J, Forejt J:
Dosage compensation of an aneuploid genome in mouse spermatogenic cells.
Biology of reproduction 90(6), 124, 2014.   Abstract   Full Text
Flachs P, Bhattacharyya T, Mihola T, Piálek J, Forejt J, Trachtulec Z:
Prdm9 incompatibility controls oligospermia and delayed fertility but no selfish transmission in mouse intersubspecific hybrids.
PloS one 9(4) e95806, 2014.   Abstract   Full Text
Bhattacharyya T, Reifova R, Gregorova S, Simecek P, Gergelits V, Mistrik M, Martincova I, Pialek J, Forejt J:
X chromosome control of meiotic chromosome synapsis in mouse inter-subspecific hybrids.
PLoS Genetics 10(2), e1004088, 2014.   Abstract   Full Text
Bhattacharyya T, Gregorova S, Mihola O, Anger M, Sebestova J, Denny P, Simecek P, Forejt J:
Mechanistic basis of infertility of mouse intersubspecific hybrids.
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 110(6): E468-477, 2013.   Abstract   Full Text
Forejt J:
Hybrid sterility, mouse.
In: Brenner’s Encyclopedia of Genetics, 2e. S. Maloy and K. Hughes, Eds. Academic Press, London New York, Vol. 3 pp. 582-585, 2013.   Full Text
Flachs P, Mihola O, Simecek P, Gregorova S, Schimenti JC, Matsui Y, Baudat F, de Massy B, Pialek J, Forejt J, Trachtulec Z:
Interallelic and intergenic incompatibilities of the Prdm9 (Hst1) gene in mouse hybrid sterility.
PLoS Genetics 8(11): e1003044, 2012.   Abstract   Full Text
Nadeau JH, Forejt J, Takada T, Shiroishi T:
Chromosome substitution strains: gene discovery, functional analysis, and systems studies.
Mamm Genome 23(9-10): 693-705, 2012.   Abstract   Full Text
Dzur-Gejdosova M, Simecek P, Gregorova S, Bhattacharyya T, Forejt J:
Dissecting the genetic architecture of F1 hybrid sterility in house mice.
Evolution 66(11): 3321–3335, 2012.   Abstract   Full Text
Homolka D, Jansa P, Forejt J:
Genetically enhanced asynapsis of autosomal chromatin promotes transcriptional dysregulation and meiotic failure.
Chromosoma 121: 91–104, 2012.   Abstract   Full Text
Forejt J, Pialek J, Trachtulec Z:
Hybrid male sterility genes in the mouse subspecific crosses.
In: Macholan M, Baird SJE, Muclinger P and Pialek J, editors. Evolution of the House Mouse. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, pp. 482-503, 2012.
Boell L, Gregorova S, Forejt J, Tautz D:
A comparative assessment of mandible shape in a consomic strain panel of the house mouse (Mus musculus) -- implications for epistasis and evolvability of quantitative traits.
BMC Evolutionary Biology 11: 309, 2011.   Abstract   Full Text
Homolka D, Ivanek R, Forejt J, Jansa P:
Differential Expression of Non-Coding RNAs and Continuous Evolution of the X Chromosome in Testicular Transcriptome of Two Mouse Species.
PLoS ONE 6(2): e17198, 2011.   Abstract   Full Text
Mihola O, Trachtulec Z, Vlcek C, Schimenti JC, Forejt J:
A mouse speciation gene encodes a meiotic Histone H3 methyltransferase.
Science 323: 373—375, 2009.   Abstract   Full Text
Trachtulec Z, Vlcek C, Mihola O, Gregorova S, Fotopulosova V, Forejt J:
Fine Haplotype Structure of a Chrosome 17 Region in the Laboratory and Wild Mouse.
Genetics 178: 1777-1784, 2008.   Abstract   Full Text
Gregorova S, Divina P, Storchova R, Trachtulec Z, Fotopulosova V, Svenson KL, Donahue LR, Paigen B, Forejt J:
Mouse consomic strains: Exploiting genetic divergence between Mus m. musculus and Mus m. domesticus subspecies.
Genome Res 18: 509-505, 2008.   Abstract   Free Full Text
Pialek J, Vyskocilova M, Bimova B, Havelkova D, Pialkova J, Dufkova P, Bencova V, Dureje L, Albrecht T, Hauffe HC, Macholan M, Munclinger P, Storchova R, Zajicova A, Holan V, Gregorova S, Forejt J:
Development of Unique House Mouse Resources Suitable for Evolutionary Studies of Speciation.
J Hered 99: 34-44, 2008.   Abstract   Full Text
Homolka D, Ivanek R, Capkova J, Jansa P, Forejt J:
Chromosomal rearrangement interferes with meiotic X chromosome inactivation.
Genome Res 2007 Oct;17(10): 1431-7.   Abstract   Free Full Text
Pravenec M, Kazdova L, Landa V, Zidek V, Mlejnek P, Jansa P, Wang J, Qi N, Kurtz TW:
Transgenic and recombinant resistin impair skeletal muscle glucose metabolism in the spontaneously hypertensive rat.
J Biol Chem, 278: 45209-45215, 2003.   Abstract   Free Full Text
Vacik T, Forejt J:
Quantification of expression and methylation of the Igf2r imprinted gene in segmental trisomic mouse model.
Genomics, 82; 261-268, 2003.   Abstract
Dimitrov S, Matouskova E, Forejt J:
Expression of BRCA1, NBR1 and NBR2 genes in human breast cancer cells.
Folia Biol (Praha), 47: 120-127, 2001.   Abstract
Pravenec M, Jansa P, Kostka V, Zidek V, Kren V, Forejt J, Kurtz TW:
Identification of a mutation in ADD1/SREBP-1 in the spontaneously hypertensive rat.
Mamm Genome, 12: 295-298, 2001.   Abstract
Trachtulec Z, Forejt J:
Synteny of orthologous genes conserved in mammals, snake, fly, nematode, and fission yeast.
Mamm Genome, 12: 227-231, 2001.   Abstract  Supplement
Dimitrov S, Brennerova M, Forejt J:
Expression profiles and intergenic structure of head-to-head oriented Brca1 and Nbr1 genes.
Gene, 262: 89-98, 2001.   Abstract
Forejt J, Trachtulec Z:
The 2000 Chromosome Committee Reports for the Mouse Genome. Mouse chromosome 17.
Mamm Genome, 11: 956-957, 2000.
Hatina J, Jansa P, Forejt J:
The nomenclature of major histocompatibility complex class I gene regulatory regions - the case of two different downstream regulatory elements.
Mol Immunol, 37: 799-800, 2000. (Letter to Editor)
Gregorova S, Forejt J:
PWD/Ph and PWK/Ph inbred mouse strains of Mus m. musculus subspecies - a valuable resource of phenotypic variations and genomic polymorphisms.
Folia Biol (Praha), 46: 31-41, 2000.   Abstract

Forejt J, Saam JR, Gregorova S, Tilghman SM:
Monoallelic expression of reactivated imprinted genes in embryonal carcinoma cell hybrids.
Exp Cell Res, 252: 416-22, 1999.   Abstract

Forejt J, Trachtulec Z, Hamvas R:
Mouse chromosome 17.
Mamm Genome, 10: 958, 1999.
Hatina J, Frangoulis B, Gregorova S, Plichtova R, Pla M, Forejt J:
Lymphoid specificity of a copy number-related expression of the H2-Kb transgene.
Mol Immunol, 36: 73-80, 1999.   Abstract
Trachtulec Z, Forejt J:
Transcription and RNA processing of mammalian genes in Saccharomyces cerevisiae.
Nucleic Acids Res, 27: 526-31, 1999.   Abstract   Free Full Text
Trachtulec Z, Hamvas RM, Forejt J, Lehrach HR, Vincek V, Klein J:
Linkage of TATA-binding protein and proteasome subunit C5 genes in mice and humans reveals synteny conserved between mammals and invertebrates.
Genomics, 44: 1-7, 1997.   Abstract
Trachtulec Z, Mnukova-Fajdelova M, Hamvas RMJ, Gregorova S, Mayer WE, Lehrach HR, Vincek V, Forejt J, Klein J:
Isolation of candidate hybrid sterility 1 genes by cDNA selection in a 1.1 megabase pair region on mouse chromosome 17.
Mamm Genome, 8: 312-6, 1997.   Abstract
Hamvas RM, Artzt K, Fischer-Lindahl K, Trachtulec Z, Vernet C, Forejt J:
Mouse chromosome 17.
Mamm Genome, 7 (Spec No): S274-94, 1997.
Forejt J:
Hybrid sterility in the mouse.
Trends Genet, 12: 412-7, 1996.   Abstract
Jansa P, Forejt J:
A novel type of retinoic acid response element in the second intron of the mouse H2Kb gene is activated by the RAR/RXR heterodimer.
Nucleic Acids Res, 24: 694-701, 1996.   Abstract   Free Full Text
Gregorova S, Mnukova-Fajdelova M, Trachtulec Z, Capkova J, Loudova M, Hoglund M, Hamvas R, Lehrach H, Vincek V, Klein J, Forejt J:
Sub-milliMorgan map of the proximal part of mouse Chromosome 17 including the hybrid sterility 1 gene.
Mamm Genome, 7: 107-13, 1996.   Abstract

Selected publications before 1996

Trachtulec Z, Vincek V, Hamvas RMJ, Forejt J, Lehrach H, Klein J:
Physical map of mouse Chromosome 17 in the region relevant for positional cloning of the Hybrid sterility 1 gene.
Genomics, 23: 132-137, 1994.   Abstract
Forejt J, Gregorova S:
Genetic analysis of genomic imprinting: An Imprintor-1 gene controls inactivation of the paternal copy of the mouse Tme locus.
Cell, 70: 443-450, 1992.   Abstract
Kralova J, Jansa P, Forejt J:
A novel downstream regulatory element of the mouse H-2Kb class I major histocompatibility gene.
EMBO J, 11: 4591-4600, 1992.   Abstract
Forejt J, Gregorova S, Jansa P:
Three new t-haplotypes of Mus musculus reveal structural similarities to
t-haplotypes of Mus domesticus.

Genet Res, 51: 111-119, 1988.
Forejt J, Gregorova S, Dohnal K, Nosek J:
Gene expression of differentiated parent in teratocarcinoma cell hybrids. Repression or reprogramming?
Cell Differ, 15: 129-134, 1984.   Abstract
Forejt J:
X-inactivation and its role in male sterility.
In: Chromosomes Today, Vol. 8 (Eds. A. Gropp, M. D. Bennett and U. Wolf)
George Allen and Unwin, Hemel Hempstead (England), pp. 117-127, 1984.
Forejt J, Gregorova S, Goetz P:
XY pair associates with the synaptonemal complex of autosomal male-sterile translocations in pachytene spermatocytes of the mouse (Mus musculus).
Chromosoma, 82: 41-53, 1981.   Abstract
Forejt J, Capkova J, Gregorova S:
T(16;17)43H translocation as a tool in analysis of the proximal part of chromosome 17 (including T-t gene complex) of the mouse.
Genet Res (Cambridge), 35: 165-177, 1980.
Forejt J:
Meiotic studies of translocations causing male sterility in the mouse.
II. Double heterozygotes for Robertsonian translocations.

Cytogenet Cell Genet, 23: 163-170, 1979.   Abstract
Forejt J, Gregorova S:
Meiotic studies of translocations causing male sterility in the mouse.
I. Autosomal reciprocal translocations.

Cytogenet Cell Genet, 19: 159-179, 1977.   Abstract
Forejt J:
Spermatogenic failure of translocation heterozygotes affected by H-2 linked gene in mouse.
Nature (London), 260: 143-145, 1976.
Forejt J, Ivanyi P:
Genetic studies on male sterility of hybrids between laboratory and wild mice
(Mus musculus L.).

Genet Res (Cambridge), 24: 189-206, 1974.
Forejt J:
Nonrandom association between a specific autosome and X-chromosome in meiosis of the male mouse: Possible consequence of the homologous centromeres separation.
Cytogenet Cell Genet, 13: 369-383, 1974.
Forejt J:
Centromeric heterochromatin polymorphism in the house mouse. Evidence from inbred strains and natural populations.
Chromosoma (Berlin), 43: 187-201, 1973.

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